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About Viewline Blinds & Shutters

With our unique climate here in the tropics, will you risk using mass-produced blinds or awnings intended for milder weather?

With every window in your home unique (there’s no such thing as standard-sized windows), will you be satisfied with blinds that don’t fit?

With the cost of electricity skyrocketing, can you afford to spend your hard-earned wages on cooling a home that can’t keep the heat out?

We didn’t think so.

Because you’re a local who knows how much the tropics can mess with your home. 

You’ve got better things to spend your money on than electricity.

You’ve got a sense of style.

You appreciate high quality products.

And you’d rather support a local Cairns business than the faceless businesses in the big cities.

Here’s how we can help you...

We design, manufacture, measure, assemble, and install window coverings. Tailored to your windows. Peek into our workshop and you’ll find our humble sewing machines, powerful and precise laser cutters, and more. Everything we need to create the perfect fit for every one of your windows.

Your blinds and awnings are custom designed and manufactured so they fit your needs - and every window in your home perfectly. And there’s no point choosing durable fabrics if the connectors aren’t up to scratch. That’s why we use durable connectors and stainless-steel chains - from the Germans, because they’re sticklers when it comes to precision and quality.

We spend the time researching the latest product fabrication systems so you don’t have to. What you’ll find at Viewline:

  • Wide range of quality fabrics and materials with UV and antibacterial protection
  • Accurate home measurement and in-depth consulting service for your convenience and to ensure a perfect fit for every window
  • Window coverings made for durability, comfort, privacy and light control
  • Energy saving, efficient materials that keep the weather out - and keep money in your pocket
  • Easy-to-use blinds and awnings with motorized options so it’s accessible for everyone, including the elderly

What do you need?

We carry everything you need for functional, stylish window dressings for your home:

What you can expect:

  • Competitive pricing: for high quality, locally designed and manufactured products
  • Average 3-4-week turnover: locally made products means less risk of product transport damage, so you can coordinate installation to settlement (for new homes) or whenever it works best for you
  • Attentive and personal customer service: we’ll visit you or you’re always welcome to drop in and see us in our Cairns showroom
  • Minimum 5-year product guarantee, including a 10-year fabric warranty: we’ll personally help you resolve any claims
  • Quality installation according to latest safety regulations: including life-saving devices to keep your home, family, and pets safe

About us

We’re the Barretts, a local Cairns family business. We’ve been making custom-made blinds and awnings for North Queenslanders for years.Please drop into our showroom for a visit, we’d love to meet you!

The service that we received now was equally as good as we did when we first used you 15 years ago and we would have no hesitation using you again as well as recommending to the many people who have so far admired your work. - Gary Middlebrook

We could not be happier and more impressed! A 3-week turnaround from first point of contact to installation, with consistent communication and updates throughout the process. Absolutely incredible, especially as it's 5 weeks out from Christmas and holidays! The best value for money and service you will find in Cairns! If you need blinds, do not go anywhere else! - Ellie Murray

We are really happy with our roller blinds from Viewline Blind & Shade. Friendly, professional service from start to finish. They also provided assistance with colour matching for our blockout & sunscreen. Couldn't be happier- they delivered a quality product that looks great hanging in our home. - Tara Fox

Contact us with your plans for an in-depth consultation and a competitive quote.

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