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Outdoor Blinds & Awnings

Outdoor blinds are a fantastic way to ensure you enjoy entertaining in your outdoor areas - all year round.

Whatever your pergola or patio decor budget, we can help you. Choose from a range of quality materials and fabrics with high UV protection, that offer you blockout, and durability in the humidity, sun, and downpours so common in the north tropics. Even the connectors and chains have been specifically chosen for durability (and looks are a bonus!).

Best of all, your indoor blinds are custom designed and manufactured in our workshop so they fit your needs - and your outdoor windows perfectly. All blinds are installed according to the latest Australian safety regulations. 

Check out the outdoor blind photos on this page for samples of fabric awnings, heavy duty channel awnings, drop arm awnings, aluminium hood awnings, folding arm awnings, aluminium louvre awnings, and external sunscreens.

We could not be happier and more impressed! A 3-week turnaround from first point of contact to installation, with consistent communication and updates throughout the process. Absolutely incredible, especially as it's 5 weeks out from Christmas and holidays! The best value for money and service you will find in Cairns! If you need blinds, do not go anywhere else! - Ellie Murray

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Protecta Awnings Features and Benefits

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SD Straight Drop

Straight Drop Awnings

An external screen in low wind areas to give you extra privacy and sun protection.

Enjoy your patio, balcony or pergola even more with SD Straight Drop awnings. It’s fitted with ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric so you see can easily outward with a mid to high-level of privacy.

Whether you choose a motorised or gearbox option, expect a consistently smooth operation from the cleverly designed weighted bottom rail. Complement your outdoor decor with 40+ custom hardware colours and 10 fabric colours. Comes with five-year warranty.

GR Guide Rail

Guide Rail Awning

Offers shade from direct sunlight while inviting in comfortable breezes, unobtrusive light, and uninterrupted views.

Self-retracting system with an easy spring operation. Slanted awning sits out slightly from the base of your window. Care will be taken to ensure it’s a perfect fit.

Suited to ground level windows. Ideal in coastal areas. This is the awning to get if you’re after a strong blind that will work well and keep you comfortable across the seasons, year after year.

MS Multi-Stop Channel

Multi Stop Awning

Take full control over light and glare with an awning that lets you stop and secure position.

Decide on your stopping point then simply twist the bottom rail to lock it into place. Quick, quiet, and simple to operate. Can be installed in both face fit and reveal fit applications.

Side channels and fabric available in many colours to blend in with your outdoor colour scheme. No exposed cords, cleats or wires so you can keep your private outdoor entertaining area looking neat.

PA Pivot Arm

Pivot Arm Awnings

Stop the sun’s heat before it reaches the glass while letting in light and fresh air.

The PA Pivot Arm awning, also known as a Drop Arm awning, is sleek and stylish with a streamlined front rail, which you can install horizontally or vertically. It’s made with a tough, powder-coated aluminium body, and heavy-duty flexible joints to withstand the elements.

It can accommodate widths up to 5m (without hooding), and can project out to 1.5m. Third arm optional for increased strength. Gearbox or motor operation with the option of 5 standard - and 40 custom hardware colours. The slide rails accommodate longer drops and reduces obstruction.

WG Wire Guide

Wire Guide Awning

Sleek and modern awnings suited to outdoor areas with large openings.

Create a secluded and secure entertaining area by enclosing your pergola or balcony year-round. Components are corrosion-resistant making it ideal for coastal homes.

This outdoor awning is as sleek as it is safe, with quality architectural beautiful stainless steel fittings and wire cabling to suspend and secure the awning. Can be reveal fit, face fit, or ceiling mounted. Max width 5.8m max width. Available in 40+ colours. Five year warranty.

DC Deep Channel

The sturdy Deep Channel Awning System is easy to use and will complete your home’s good looks while keeping you comfortable in the shade.

When you’re after a low fuss, robust outdoor awnings, Deep Channel is a good choice. Enjoy the flexibility of a spring, motorised, or gearbox operated system. Spring systems include central locking system with lockable bottom rail for added security.

To ensure the perfect fit, this can be installed in both face fit and reveal fit applications with 10mm adjustable tolerance on each side for out of square applications.

Deep Channel

Z3 Side Tension Channel

Z3 Side Channel Awning

Unmatchable in withstanding weather by any other awning or external blind on the Aussie market.

Built with the ultimate wind resistant technology: The Z3 Side Tension Channel has been been tested to withstand one-minute wind gusts up to 277 km/h. It’s been load tested at 1700kg - that’s the weight of a Porsche 918 Spyder!

Have no doubt: this is the sturdiest outdoor blind or awning you’ll find in Australia to shield you from wind, rain, sun… and those annoying flies, and mozzies.

Z3 Side Channel

XL Extra Large Side Tension Channel

Xtra Large Awnings

A sleek, modern covering designed to give you privacy and shelter in wide open alfresco living areas.

Suited to large external openings such as balconies and decks over 4m wide. Worried about chilly drafts and annoying bugs? This Heavy Duty Channel awning comes with “bug strips” that slip into the side channels. What’s more, you have the option of fitting a “weather strip” that slides into the bottom rail to keep chilly drafts away.

The ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric gives you maximum privacy without compromising your view. Choose from a variety of colour options to ensure your covering blends gracefully into both your outdoor and indoor decor. Can cover an area of 5.8m wide x 3.6m high with one awning. Weighted bottom rail for tighter look.

Aluminium Hood Awnings

Aluminium Hood Awnings

A versatile and attractive way to protect your property from the weather.

Brahama arm support

An economical way to protect your home from the weather. Consists of tri-stepped panels that run parallel to the building wall. Versatile to accommodate slopes up to 45°degrees and mitred corners. Can be self-supporting or supported by posts.

Caribbean arm support

Attractive and functional. The angle and drop of the awning are flexible to meet your lighting needs. Accommodate slopes 5° and 45° and mitred corners. Option to enclose awning structure with side sections. An appealing option for homes and commercial venues such as shop-fronts, motels, walkways, and restaurants.

Aluminium Louvre Awnings

Aluminium Louvre Awnings

The traditional choice in awnings. Reflects up to 90% of heat.

A cost-effective way to furnish balconies and external windows. Deflects sun glare while providing air flow, privacy, and light control. Adaptable: can be installed horizontally, vertically or overhead. Choice of fixed or adjustable setting.

The fixed setting can be open at 45° or closed at 60°. The adjustable setting allows you to use an internal or external winder to adjust the angle of the louvres. Made from C-shaped metal panels clipped onto fabricated stringers. Choice of a wide range of colours. Backed by warranty.

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings

The FA40 Range is a heavy-duty folding arm awning for terraces, balconies, shops and restaurants. 

Available with widths of up to 6 metres per unit with series connection up to 15 metres with motor.

Projections of up to 3.6 metres available using the highest quality materials ensures outstanding performance and reliability. A semi-cassette option gives excellent fabric protection. A proven worldwide bestseller.

External Awning Fabrics

External Sunscreen Blinds

External Sunscreens Wire Guide Blinds allow you to enjoy your view while providing good glare and UV protection. 

The Outlook Mode Sunscreen Fabric Range is a sustainable fabric that offers excellent shelter in harsh weather conditions so you can enjoy your home in any season.

It expands your outdoor living area and it’s easy to maintain as it’s resistant to mould. Manual or motorised options available.

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